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10 Makeup Tricks To Try If You Have Oily Skin

Stay fresh all day long with these simple hacks.

Having oily skin can be a burden, especially if you’re into wearing makeup every day. Here, 9 simple makeup tips you should know to keep your oily skin from ruining your look:


1. Start with skincare.

Stick to non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores, skincare products to prep your skin. Smooth on an oil-free moisturizer before anything else.


2. Use a primer.

To make sure that your makeup—especially your base—won’t budge, smooth on an oil-control primer, focusing on your t-zone, where you produce the most oil. When picking products, look for keywords such as “mattifying” and “pore minimizing.”


3. Don’t forget about your eyes.

If you also have oily lids, make it a habit to prime your lids before putting on eye makeup. This will keep your eye shadow from creasing and your eyeliner from transferring onto other parts of your face.


4. Mind your tools.

Proper application plays a major role in keeping your makeup hulas-free. Evenly apply your foundation, concealer, blush, and powder with an egg-shaped makeup sponge for a faux airbrush finish. You can pick up the small sponges for concealing, the medium-sized one for your cream or powder blush or contour, and the large sponge for your base.


Try: Ever Bilena Blend me Sponge in Small, P150,  Medium, P180,  and Large, P220


5. Pick the right base.

To keep your oily skin at bay, opt for powder foundations to keep your skin matte and fresh for hours on end. Try  the Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake—you can either apply it wet for a fuller coverage, or dry for when you want to keep things light. It also comes in a range of shades that can perfectly match and flatter Filipina skin.


Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake in Fair Oriental, Golden Beige, and Light Ivory, P165


6. Always set your makeup.

If you still choose to use liquid or cream makeup, don’t forget to dust on some powder to seal in your makeup, focusing on your oily t-zone.


7. Seal in your arches with a brow mascara.

In some cases, your oily skin can also melt away brow makeup. If your brow pencils or powders aren’t cutting it for you, budge-proof your kilay by using a brow mascara as your last step. Not only will your brows look lush and full, it will also set your brows, so you don’t have to worry about literally sweating your brows off.


8. Don’t be afraid of highlighters.

Highlighters can be a little intimidating, especially since you can look oily if you don’t apply it the right way. In truth, it’s really all about where you place it. Ditch applying highlighter in between your brows, underneath the eyes, the tip of the nose, and the chin so you don’t look greasy. Instead, focus on the apples of your cheeks for just the right amount of highlight.


9. Try a makeup setting spray.

Spritz it on your face as the last step in your routine to extend the wear of your makeup, particularly for big events or long days.


10. Blot before you retouch.

Before you pat or brush on face powder, blot first. You can use an oil-control sheet or a single-ply tissue and press it against your face. That way, you don’t end up having caked makeup.


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