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Where Else Should You Spray Your Perfume?

Have you ever thought of spritzing your scent on your comb?

There are many guides and tutorials on where you should be really spraying on your scents. But aside from your skin (and key areas on your body), did you know that there are other places you should be spritzing on your perfumes and body sprays? Check out our list:

1. Your hairbrush or comb.

Before you run your brush through your hair, lightly mist it with your signature scent. That way, you can smell amazing all day long. Tip: Try this hack for days when you don’t have time to wash your locks!

2. Your suitcase

It’s a known fact that scents can bring back different memories—including those from your travels and adventures! To make sure that you don’t forget the places you’ve been and the people you’ve met, pick a signature scent for each travel and spritz on some of the scent onto your suitcase. That way, you’ll always remember your beach trip with your barkada whenever you catch a whiff of your ocean-inspired body spray.

3. Your shower curtain

Before showering, spray some of your scent onto your shower curtain—this trick will make you smell amazing once you step out of the shower!

4. Your clothes

While you should still spray your scent onto your skin first, spraying onto your clothes—just make sure the perfume won’t stain the material—will make your scent last longer.


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