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What To Do With Scents That Didn’t Work For You

Don’t throw it out!

We’ve all been there. We purchased a popular scent because of all the great reviews. We immediately bought the perfume because it smelled fantastic after testing it in the mall. Then, after using it for the next few days, we realized that the product isn’t as great as we thought.

What now? Before crying over your wasted money, try these alternatives.


Use it as an air freshener

Not a fan of how the scent works with your body chemistry? It might smell better as a room spray! Stash it by your nightstand or in your bathroom to use it when necessary. You can also leave in your car and use it as your new car scent!


Use it as a prop for your #flatlays

Perfume and body spray bottles make good props for your IG posts—casually style them with your #FOTD products and you’re good to go.


Layer it with a new scent

If its original scent just doesn’t work for you, why not layer it with another scent that you like? This way, you can create a unique scent that you can enjoy.


Swap with a friend

Sometimes, scents that don’t appeal to you might be one that your BFF will like.


Display and share with your guests

If you have too many body sprays, display the ones you don’t like in your guest bathroom or kitchen sink for everyone else to use.


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