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What Scent Is Perfect For Your Personality?

How do you find “the one”?

They say that the sense of smell evokes powerful memories, and if you’ve encountered a few people with a “signature scent,” you’ll know that this is true. You’ll forget what someone was wearing when you first met, but you will always remember her fresh floral perfume.

If you want to have the same effect on others, you need to be smart in finding that scent you’ll wear all day, every day. The easiest way to pick your signature scent is to go for one that perfectly matches your personality. Here’s a guide:

For the girl in command
You’re in control of your life and always ready to take the next step. Smell sexy and in control with a musky floral scent—a fragrance that you can wear from the boardroom to the club easily. Our pick? Blackwater Women Activ in So Kind.

Blackwater Women Activ in So Kind, P120


For the girly-girl
You enjoy every bit about being a woman and favor fun and fresh floral scents for every day. However, if you’re you’re looking for a signature scent with a little more attitude, spritz on something with bold, leathery notes and pink floral highlights, like the Blackwater Women Activ in So Pink.

Blackwater Women Activ in So Pink, P120


For the adventurer
You’re Little Miss Wanderlust. In fact, all your weekends for the rest of the year are fully booked thanks to all the travel plans you’ve already made earlier this year. Bring back memories of your out-of-town adventures with a fragrance that is a sparkling blend of sweet tropical fruits and flowers, like the Blackwater Women Activ in So Nice.

Blackwater Women Activ in So Nice, P120


For the sporty one
You’re all about staying fit and being active! Before and after every sweat session, we recommend to spritz on a light, fruity-floral scent that will leave you feeling refreshed. Opt for a body spray instead of heavy perfumes, as they’re not overpowering. Our pick for you? The Blackwater Women Activ in So In Love.

Blackwater Women Activ in So In Love, P120

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