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This Is The Right Way To Store Your Favorite Pabango


Admittedly, perfumes and scents are one of our greatest weaknesses. We don’t mind spending our hard-earned money, especially if it means smelling sexy and elegant the whole day.


That said, we’ve been constantly researching on ways to prolong the lives of our favorite pabangos and sprays, and we stumbled upon advice from Mark Knitowski, Senior Vice President Of Product Development and Innovation for Victoria’s Secret Beauty.


Speaking to, Knitowski explained that instead of letting our perfumes and body sprays sit pretty on our dressers, we should be keeping them somewhere cool and dark, like a refrigerator.


“It can make the fragrance last up [to] two years longer. Why? Because when fragrance is in heat and sunlight, it loses its intensity and impression due to heat’s ability to evaporate the fragrance character. The more you store the fragrance this way, the better,” he said.


Of course, before you pop your scents in the fridge, you should wrap the bottles in aluminum foil or place them in a resealable bag to keep them from spilling and possibly contaminating your food. Time to rearrange all our favorite scents then!


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