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The Easiest Way To Find The Perfect Foundation Shade For You

Sounds impossible? We think not.

We’ve all been there: Aimlessly walking around the beauty department of the store, trying our best not to look helpless when all we really wanted was to find the perfect shade of foundation to match our skin tone. But with the countless options in the market, finding *the one* almost seems impossible.


To save you from over-spending and over-stressing from foundation shopping (we totally get you), here’s a tried-and-tested trick you can try at the beauty counter: swatch and go.


First, swipe and blend the shades you think match you on your jawline. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask the beauty adviser for recommendations—they’re all trained to answer all your beauty q’s!


After swatching, leave the counter—especially when trying out liquid foundation—and walk around the mall for about half an hour or so. This will give the makeup enough time to properly set on your skin. Then, return to the makeup counter and observe if the foundation changed its color to perfectly match your skin or it oxidized and looks way different from the first time you applied it. Also observe if the foundation caked or reacted with your skin. That’s it!


This simple yet genius method can determine if the foundation is a good match for your skin tone AND skin type. Easy, right?


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