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Perfume Shopping Tips Every Girl Should Know

No need to get overwhelmed with all your options.



When you’re spending your hard-earned money on a bottle of perfume, you want to make sure that you really like the scent. The right fragrance for you should not overwhelm your senses and that it shouldn’t smell like another fragrance you already own. Here, we teach you the ways to shop wisely for “The One.”


1. Don’t smell the bottle.

It’s better to get a whiff of the fragrance on a paper strip than bringing your nose close to the bottle. When you smell the perfume directly, it may come off too strong than its actual scent.


2. Mind the occasion.

If you’re looking for a daily scent to wear at work or school, it’s best to stick to clean, subtle scents—ditch any overwhelming fragrances. Save the musky fragrances for weddings, dates, GNO, and weekends.


3. Wait till you smell it.

Let a few minutes pass before you sniff the perfume to let the alcohol in the fragrance evaporate first so that you can smell the “real” scent.


4. Spritz on the right places.

Once  you’ve narrowed down your choices, spray it on your wrists and back of the ears to allow the notes to mesh with your body’s natural chemistry.


5. Clear your senses.

When choosing between different perfumes, sniff coffee beans to neutralize and reboot your senses. It also helps to drink water!



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