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How To Find The Right Foundation If You’re Always Sweaty

Ace your base!

When the sun is shining bright and beads of sweat are dripping down your face, the struggle is real to keep your foundation from melting off or transferring onto your shirt. Even if you use excellent primers and moisturizers to prep your skin, on a humid day, it all boils down to the base’s formula.

If you’re pawisin, read on as we discuss what foundation you should reach for, depending on your skin type.

Dry Skin
This means your skin produces little to no oil at all.

Formula to look for: A demi-matte coverage is your best bet since it’s the perfect balance between dewy and matte. It will still give your skin a ~glow~, but the mattifying properties will help it stay in place.  

Normal Skin
Lucky you, your skin is perfectly balanced!

Formula to look for: If you’re a commuter, we suggest going for a matte base to keep things shine-free.

Combination Skin
You have been “blessed” with a greasy T-zone and dry cheeks.

Formula to look for: Basically, you need a foundation that will both moisturize and mattify your skin. It sounds impossible to find one, but thanks to advances in the beauty industry, most foundation formulas nowadays can accommodate more than one skin type! 

Oily Skin
Your face tends to get greasy all over, and you have enlarged, visible pores.

Formula to look for: Matte, of course! But make sure it’s oil-free.

Sensitive Skin
You easily react to makeup and skincare products by breaking out in rashes, hives, or acne.

Formula to look for: Powder formulas offer a two-in-one deal as they provide coverage and set your makeup in place.


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