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Here’s Why You Should Try Wearing Men’s Scents

We know you want to!

There’s no denying that we’ve always been drawn to men’s fragrances. Not just for its gwapo factor but also because a lot of them really leave you feeling fresh and clean. It’s easier on the senses compared to an overly sweet scent, or anything that’s too fruity and sugary.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing men’s scents:


1. It’s anything but basic.

The last thing anyone would expect from a lady is to step out of the house smelling like musky and woody. Typically, sweet floral notes are the go-to fragrances of a girly girl, but if you’re looking for something that’s more mysterious and sexy, then perhaps a masculine scent would do the trick.


2. It makes a great base.

Men’s fragrances tend to be citrus-y, which is great for building up and layering without being too suffocating, Perfect for long days!


3. The scent lasts longer.

If you have a habit of spritzing on cologne multiple times a day, consider using men’s scents instead, as it’s proven to stick and last longer.


4. It’ll leave you feeling fresh and clean ALWAYS.

Don’t you want to smell like you just stepped out of the shower at all times? Men’s fragrances tend to smell fresher and cleaner.


Here are our men’s sprays picks you should try out:

Blackwater II Oak, Blackwater II Breeze, Black Water II Woods, Blackwater II Ocean, P120 each


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