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Here’s A Guide On The Different Types Of Scents

Presenting your perfume cheat sheet.

Maneuvering through the different fragrance-related terms can leave any girl confused. Eau de parfum? Eau de toilette? Fret not, as we’re here to school you on the basics of fragrances and how you can make the most out of yours, too!

But first, how is it made?

According to an article in Telegraph UK, fragrances are mainly composed of ethanol (a type of alcohol) and an essential oil. The higher the concentration of oils, the more potent, long-lasting, and expensive a fragrance will be. With that in mind, this general concept explains the differences between all the fancy fragrance terms we’ve encountered.

Perfume/Parfum – This is the most expensive type of fragrance because it has the highest concentration of oils. Get this: The scent of a parfum can last the entire day!

Eau de parfum – This has the second strongest scent and will last a good 5-8 hours.

Eau de toilette – This has a mid-range concentration of oils and will last for up to 2-3 hours.

Cologne/Eau de cologne – This has the mildest and most fleeting scent because it has the least concentration of oils. While a cologne’s scent may only be temporary, this serves as a great refresher throughout the day.

Solid vs. Liquid Fragrances
Liquid fragrances are the most accessible. These normally come in sprays, drip bottles, tubes, or rollerball bottles. Because of its liquid form, fragrances of these type don’t last as long as solid fragrances do, although they’re definitely much easier to apply.

Solid fragrances normally come in a waxy, balm-like form, and has longer staying power than liquid fragrances. They take more effort to apply as you have to rub it onto your skin (almost like an ointment) in select areas to make sure the scent stays longer. They’re also more travel-friendly. Some people might not like the waxy consistency of the solid fragrance, but for those who prioritize longer staying power, this type is the best.


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