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The Right Scents for Different Occasions

Make the best impression wherever you’re headed.



You’ve probably never thought about it before, but the way you smell can make or break your look. Aside from having the ability to affect your mood, scents can also influence the way people interact with and see you. Make sure you have the right scent for every occasion:

CLEAN: For work

Powder, fresh laundry, water

Keep it ~*profesh*~ at work with a clean, muted scent. You’ll be around the same people for most of the day, so you don’t want anything on that might be overpowering.

FLORAL: For a date

Jasmine, carnation, lavender

Floral scents are known for being charming, romantic, and sophisticated, a.k.a. exactly how you want to be on a date. Your man won’t be able to keep his distance from you, for sure!


FRUITY: For when you travel

Berry, apple, coconut

Don’t fruity scents remind you of spring in Japan, summer in Boracay, or any other vacay spot imaginable? Feel the vacation vibe even more when you spritz on these scents.

CITRUS: When you’re tired or hungover

Lemon, orange, bergamot

There’s no better way to feel more energized in the morning (or anytime of the day, really) than by smelling the zesty and energetic scent of citrus. Keep the energy up for the rest of the day by having on a citrus-infused fragrance.

WOODY: For special occasions

Musk, sandalwood, patchouli

Woody scents are great for when you attend weddings, balls, or even important meetings where you need to show them who’s #boss. Blackwater Women Fame in Glamorous has a musky meets mild vanilla scent that’s exactly what you’re looking for!


Blackwater Women Fame in Glamorous


Blackwater Women in Flora Pearl Beauty

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