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Are Your Beauty Products Causing Your Skin To Break Out?

Is it time to toss out that serum?

Every time we spend money on a new beauty product, we obviously want it to work. Which is why we find it hard to throw something away—even when we suspect that it might be the cause of our skin’s unexpected breakouts.

Unless you’re experiencing an extreme reaction, put that new purchase to the test before you toss it out. Here are three at-home tests you can definitely rely on to see if your precious new product is doing your skin more harm than good:


1.Patch test
This is the simplest trick to check if you’re allergic to a product. Apply a small amount of product on any of the following areas: the inside of your forearm, behind your ears, or on your chest. But if you have a specific area where your skin tends to react quicker, apply it there. Wait for the product to set or leave it on for a few hours—overnight if possible!—and wait for a reaction. If there’s none, it’s most likely safe for you to use!

2. Stop test
This test works for products you’re already suspicious about. Use the product for a few days up to a week. You can test on a specific area to lower the risk of irritating larger areas of your skin.  Once a breakout occurs, stop using it for a week and see if no further irritation occurs. You can repeat the process a few times to make sure, unless you begin to experience extreme reactions. It’s more tedious than a patch test, but if you’re testing an expensive beauty product, you definitely need this!

3. Isolation
One of the smartest ways to test skincare is to try one product at a time. We call this isolation, since you know that you’ve only tried one new product, and once your skin starts breaking out, it’s definitely because of the product.


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