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9 Useful Hacks for Applying Eyeliner

Aside from “Practice makes perfect!”

Like any makeup technique, applying eyeliner gets easier as you do it more often. But if you’re just starting to get a hang of it, there are some life-saving hacks you can turn to, so you can save time, effort, and precious makeup, too.


1. Try an eyeliner pen.

Eyeliner pens are perfect for newbies, especially if you’re more comfortable with the pencil type but love the finish of liquid liners. The Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen come with a felt tip that easily glides on the lids for a precise line and flick.


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2. Look for a non-drying formula.

This not only allows the makeup to quickly dry after you apply it (no hassle of having to wait with your eyes closed!), but it also prevents the eyeliner from going flaky.


3. Keep your elbow stable.

Make your hands steadier by resting your elbow on a fixed surface, like your desk or your vanity table, as you line your lids. It’s a simple precaution that some often miss!


4. Pencil it and trace.

Line your lids lightly with a pencil eyeliner, and use that as a guide for your liquid eyeliner.


5. Connect the dots.

Try this alternative if you don’t have a pencil eyeliner, line your lids with tiny dots (small dashes work, too!), and connect them to create your straight line.


6.  Use a DIY guide.

You don’t have to buy one of those fancy and expensive eyeliner stencils or stamps. You can use a spoon, a business card, or some tape to trace the sharp end of a cat eye shape.


7. Take it from the top.

Drawing in a backward direction—from the outer tip of your cat eye toward your lash line—helps you be more precise when it comes to the angle and length of your flick. Try it you’re going freehand!


8. Fix major smudges with makeup remover.

Dip a cotton bud in your trusty makeup remover and carefully erase smudges or redo lines, so you don’t end up with raccoon eyes. No makeup remover nearby? Petroleum jelly and baby oil are great alternatives.


9. Set it with powder.

Dust on some setting powder or eyeshadow to keep the eyeliner in place for a longer time. Pick a nude color to keep it simple or go a little smoky with dark brown or black shades.