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6 Ways To Smell Good All Day

Don’t just look pretty, smell pretty, too!

With all the stress you have to face on a daily basis, it’s difficult to look fresh, much less smell great all day. It’s especially challenging when you commute and you have to deal with factors like sweat—yours and, unfortunately, other commuters’—and pollution.


However, there are a few ways to smell good all day and make your scent last till beyond work hours. Here are six easy-to-follow tips:


1. Never skip taking a bath.
Scrub your entire body with a loofah or sponge, and pay special attention to areas prone to sweating, such as your armpits, the back of your knees, your bikini line, and your feet. Some experts also recommend spraying on perfume a few minutes after you shower to make the scent stick to your skin.

P.S. Don’t forget to wash your hair, too!


2. Watch what you eat.
Meats like lamb and strong spices are notorious for giving you an unusual smell, as their scents tend to seep through your pores if you eat them a lot. Fresh fruits and veggies, as well as white meat, can help keep those odors at bay.


3. Pick a fragrance that smells great on you and lasts.
Look for your signature scent, one that you feel perfectly matches your personality and lifestyle. For every day, we recommend using fresh or floral body sprays, like those from the Blackwater Women Flora Collection. They’re light but refreshing, casual, but still elegant. Here are the four delicious scents you can choose from:


If you love scents that are a bit spicy and sexy, this one is perfect for you: It’s a beautiful blend of Mandarin blossom, pink pepper, and ginger.

Blackwater Woman in Calm Heart, P120


For the ultra-feminine girl, this sweet and delicate blend of violet floral notes and refreshing fruity scent is a good choice.

Blackwater Woman in Love Blues, P120


A fan of fruity scents? This one is a mix of honeyed oranges and wild berries.

Blackwater Woman in Pearl Beauty, P120


Who doesn’t love powdery baby fresh scents? Stay cool all day with this refreshing scent.

Blackwater Woman in Tender Smile, P120


4. Spray perfume on your pulse points.
Your inner wrists, neck, and the back of your ears are the best spots to spritz on a body spray. Doing so helps make your fragrance last longer.


5. Boost your fragrance with skin care products.
Apply a lotion or body oil before you put on your scent—this will give your scent something to hold on to. You can apply the lotion in the morning and spritz on your body spray as a touch-up whenever you need to. Warning: Don’t overdo it! That could just do more harm than good.


6. Wash your clothes with a detergent you like.
Make sure the scent of the detergent (and possibly your fabric conditioner) matches or doesn’t overpower your perfume. Also ensure that your clothing items are completely dry before you store them in your closet. No amount of perfume can fix the notorious kulob smell.

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