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5 Tools You Aren’t Cleaning But Really Should

Yes, you wash your brushes and sponges regularly, but is that enough?

Beauty is more than just the products you put on your face and body. Oftentimes, your whole look is just as good as the tools you use. But are you cleaning all that needs to be cleaned?

Here are the tools you probably don’t think about cleaning regularly, and why you should be doing so IMMEDIATELY.

1. Eyelash curlers

Anything that touches your eyes need to be cleaned daily. Our eyes are easily prone to infection, so make sure that bacteria isn’t given time to grow. Before every use, wipe your eyelash curlers with a tissue doused with alcohol, to make sure that it’s properly sanitized before touching your eyes. You’ll also be removing that pesky debris, making your eyelashes curl a lot easier.

2. Spoolie

The same eye philosophy goes here. You may not know that tiny bacteria live in between your eyelashes, and they can accumulate on that spoolie you use to comb them. This is also the reason why you should never keep your mascaras for more than a few months. To err on the safe side, toss your spoolies with your pile of makeup brushes that go into regular washing.

3. Tweezers

This is a tool that goes into direct contact with your hair follicles. Whatever you’re plucking, make sure you aren’t transferring oils and bacteria into open pores, as that is just a recipe for disaster. Remember to disinfect your tweezers with alcohol after every use.

4. Nail clippers

Admit it, cutting your nails is one of the dullest tasks, ever. It’s the kind of thing you just want to get over and done with. However, just chucking your nail clippers away after using them is a bad idea. You probably already know that your hands harbor the most bacteria on your body, so imagine what it’s like underneath your nails (eek!). Think of that the next time you store your clippers away without cleaning them first.

5. The inside of your makeup bag

You probably don’t consider your makeup bag as a tool, but in fact, it’s so much more than that. It is the house of your makeup tools. This is precisely why you should keep it clean. What use is it to wash all your brushes if you’re just gonna place them inside a dirty pouch full of product build up? A disinfecting wipe every so often should be enough to do the trick.

These seemingly small tools create a big impact on how you look. Keeping them clean will do wonders for your complexion!

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