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5 Scents To Instantly Improve Your Mood

The nose knows how to instantly uplift your spirits.

Ever wonder just how powerful the nose is? Aside from keeping you alive by breathing, the sense of smell is in fact directly linked to brain activity. Think about how the scent of your childhood shampoo takes you straight to your summer camp memories, or how a freshly opened balikbayan box makes you think about that time you spent a whole month in the States.

More than being something you put on to smell great, different scents evoke different moods, and this can be pretty powerful when used in the right way. So the next time you feel like you need a little pick-me-up, try looking into a few of these scent notes to improve your mood instantly.

1. Pine
There’s a reason why a trip to Baguio can still be calming despite the heavy traffic. The smell of pine in the air is enough to reduce stress. This is probably because we associate the smell of pine with the holiday season, a season of joy and happiness.

2. Citrus
If you’re looking to wake up and be alert, the scent of citrus can do just that. Various studies have shown how lemon-based scents can boost energy and concentration—something we all need everyday. This makes it the perfect scent to put on in the morning, on your way to work or school.

3. Vanilla
The smell of vanilla has been studied to produce feelings of joy and relaxation. This is probably why when it comes to body scents, many people are attracted to those who wear fragrances with vanilla notes. This makes it the perfect scent to wear on a date.

4. Lavender and Jasmine
These tiny flowers pack a powerful punch, as they have been known to ease some symptoms of depression by helping you to relax. This is probably why these scents are mainstays in places like spas and salons.

5. Powder
This childhood scent has the power to trigger feelings of nostalgia, taking you back to the good old days. Smelling this can give you a sense of safety and security, just like how you felt when you were a little girl.

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