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5 Beauty Products Perfect For Lazy Girls

Can’t be bothered with a lengthy makeup routine? We got you.

We understand that the struggle can be very real when it comes to formulating your own beauty routine, especially with the hundreds of products and beauty tips out there. But what if we told you that looking beautiful and playing with different beauty products don’t have to be time-consuming (or overwhelming, even) at all?

Don’t believe us? Scroll down as we list down the different beauty products that are effective and perfect for even the laziest girl!

Taupe eyeshadow
A cool-toned taupe eye shadow can be useful for many things: An eyeshadow to open up your eyes and accentuate your crease, a sculpting product to contour your cheeks, and a brow powder to fill in your arches. Find the most flattering shade of taupe or brown for you and you’re all set!

Stick foundation
No time to warm your palms or use a brush to evenly apply your foundation? Grab an easy stick foundation instead. Swipe it gently on your face and blend. Tip: You can use a darker shade of stick foundation as cream contour and a lighter shade to highlight your features.

Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation

Lip and cheek tint
Lip and cheek tints were made for lazy girls! You can literally just pat the product onto your cheeks and lips and go out looking like you exerted extra effort to do your makeup.

Nude lippie
Nothing spells no fuss than a chic nude lipstick! It adds a hint of color to your pale lips in a snap. Want to get more out of this product? You can also use it to add a wash of color onto your lids.

Face mist
Set and refresh your makeup with a face mist that you can bring around in your kikay kit. Spritzing on a face mist will also make retouching a lot easier—just don’t forget to blot your skin with tissue before adding a new layer of powder!


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