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4 Scents You Can Share With Your Boyfriend

Since he loves stealing your beauty products anyway…

Hate how your boyfriend always finishes your favorite shampoos, creams, and face masks? We’ve got the perfect revenge plan! While you can’t exactly use a lot of his grooming products—because obviously a lot of them were specifically formulated for men—one essential you can totally poach is his favorite scent.


There’s no rule in the beauty world—or anywhere for that matter—that women can’t get away with pulling sexy masculine scents. Here, some of our fragrance picks that you and your boyfriend can split:


Black Water Gold

Smell sexy with this scent that has hints of spice and musk.

Black Water Gold, P260


Black Water II Ocean

If you love your clean, aquatic-inspired scents, this is the on you’ve been looking for. It also has hints of lavender, which is known to leave a calming effect on your senses. Looks like you’ve found your go-to scent for long school or work days!

Black Water II Ocean, P120


Black Water Sports 2

Here’s a spray you won’t have a problem spritzing on—it’s a delicious mix of citrus, light floral and powdery scents.

Black Water Sports 2, P126


Black Water Fame Mysterious

This cologne is a smooth and powdery scent that will leave you feeling confident to face the world.

Black Water Fame Mysterious, P125



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