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4 Mascara Hacks For Gorgeous Lashes

Do you struggle to curl your lashes?

While some Pinays are #blessed with naturally full and curled lashes, some of us have straight, thin, and tough-to-curl fringes. So if you still struggle with keeping your lashes curled and pretty all day, here are four hacks you might want to try:

1. Do an at-home lash perm.
Take your blow dryer and heat the pad of your lash curler for a few seconds. Feel the pad first to make sure it isn’t too hot. Then, go ahead and curl your lashes. This trick will make sure that the curl will hold longer, too!

2. Layer different kinds of mascara.
Here’s a trick professional makeup artists swear by: Layer a lengthening mascara over a coat of volumizing mascara for dramatically luscious lashes. Don’t forget to wiggle a clean spoolie through your lashes to avoid clumping in between layers.

Try:  Ever Bilena Volume Curl Mascara and Ever Bilena Power Curl Mascara

3. Use a lip or eye brush to apply mascara on your lower lash line.
Take your loaded mascara wand and swipe some pigment onto the back of your hand. Then take your lip or eye brush and dip it into the product. Take that brush and gently apply it onto the roots of your lower lash line. This technique helps the pigment to stay on your lashes—not on your under-eye area.

4. Curl your lashes in three sections.
Begin curling the outermost part, move to your middle lashes, and then curl the ones near the inner corner of your eye. This way, you’d get bombshell lashes that are ready for coats of mascara!


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