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10 Beauty Hacks That Are Not Worth Trying

Save yourself from the stress!

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We’ve learned that if a beauty hack on the internet is too good to be true, it probably is. In this Reddit thread, 10 women share the worst hair, skin, and makeup hacks they’ve ever tried:


1. “Lit an eyeliner pencil with a lighter to soften it. It worked, except I didn’t wait for it to cool down and burned the crap outta my eye. 16 year old me was not the smartest.”


2. “I read online a recipe for a hair mask that included conditioner, olive oil, and an egg (beaten). When I got in the shower to rinse it off, the water was too hot and it cooked the egg in my hair. I had bits of scrambled egg in my hair for 3 days.


3. “Read somewhere online that putting lemon juice on a pimple would help make it go away. Being the genius that I am, I decided to combine that with the toothpaste method and went to bed. I woke up and walked around with some pretty sick chemical burns for two weeks.”


4. “I once tried a sharpie instead of eyeliner back in highschool because I was going through my “goth” phase and thought it would let me get a thicker line. Oh god no”


5. “Putting eyeliner on your eyelash curler to make putting eyeliner on easier. It just does not work.


6. “Heard how coconut oil was a great hair moisturizer as a tween, so I bought some fancy virgin stuff. I used about half of the jar on my shoulder length hair. It was so greasy! Even after washing it looked like nine separate chunks of hair that were impossible to brush. Had to wash it out through the whole day, yikes.”

– alarmagent

7. “Used tea-tree oil on my face to help with acne. Except I didn’t read the fine print on the back where it said it should be diluted, and ended up with really bad chemical burns.


8. “Using baking soda on my face as a ‘gentle exfoliant,’ resulted in some seriously broken capillary beds!”


9. “Using olive oil to remove eye makeup. I even used an organic kind and it still made my eyes burn like crazy. Never again.”


10. “I tried a DIY gelatin mix to make a nose mask for black heads. It’s supposed to work like a pore strip. It dried harder than a diamond and didn’t want to come off; the pain was intense. The things is, I saw it in a YT by Kim Pham or some other known personality and they made it look so easy and effective. Now I know it was just YT magic.


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