All Francine!

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Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. held a press conference for its endorsers.

Francine, a true blood Ever Bilena girl once again amazed the press by simply being herself. Aside from being beautiful, her smooth and glowing skin proved that she has all what it takes to be the endorser of Ever Bilena Skin Care Products. Beautiful and glowing, she is an admirable woman exhibiting true beauty inside and out.

The entertainment press is very happy to talk with her. She is down to earth and friendly. The people like her and she cannot stop smiling. They even cheered for her to sing and she was amazed for the support but she simply gave them a sweet smile.

After the short program, Francine was able to talk to the press one on one.

Blackwater’s New Family

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Ever Bilena recently introduced a new addition in its growing family, only showing that there is indeed fulfillment in every step that the company takes which also prove its supremacy in the cosmetics industry.

Last February 24 at Max’s Restaurant Scout Tuazon, Q.C., Ever Bilena’s men’s line, Blackwater introduced its latest endorser in the person of Mr. Bongbong Marcos who was a well-known public servant. In this move of Blackwater, the brand only showed its dedication to bring Blackwater closer to different sectors in the society.

An epitome of a true hardworking and dedicated Filipino, Mr. Bongbong Marcos is first and foremost a father, a husband and a public servant. Balancing all of these duties is not his problem because he manages to perform it well. With Blackwater Body Spray, deodorant and soap, he can continue to Smell Good, Feel Good, DO GOOD!