Women of the Earth

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Mother Earth definitely knows how lucky she is that several young women are making a stand and pushing for a greener earth. Carousel Productions once again brings us Miss Philippines Earth – searching for the women who do not only exudes beauty and intelligence but love for nature too.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics have been supporting the pageant for over 4 years and this year, the company continues to admire these wonderful ladies and the cause they are fighting for. And because Ever Bilena believes that every beauty queen has to know how to be confident and beautiful all the time, the management arranged a corporate visit for the candidates wherein they were taught how to put on proper make-up and were given beauty tips from experts from Ever Bilena. It was also the time for these young and modern women to meet the executives of the company.

Watch out for these young women as they go on mall tours before the coronation night. Believe that true beauty is not superficial at all. It is what’s inside that makes you glowing outside.

The Final Leg!

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Pink Water Mall Tour’s final leg was in Robinsons Imus. A hot morning became even hotter when Karylle finally walked in stage and sang for the crowd who really waited for her.

The energetic Karylle was so happy that so many people waited for her appearance. She danced with the crowd and made cute little girls dance too. She really mesmerized the crowd. But it is not just singing and dancing because Pink Water prepared games too for the fans and the people who kept in supporting Pink Water.

Parlor games it is. Let the games begin and every one who joined the games went home with a smile and Pink Water gift packs!

Until the next set of mall tours with Pink Water and Karylle!

Check out photos in multiply.

Karylle Paints the Town Pink!

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Before starting her show, Karylle mentioned she wanted to be loved, to feel loved and voila! in an instant, a poster was raised amidst the crowd from one of her fans saying that he loves Karylle.

The 3rd leg of Pink Water Mall Tour was in Robinsons Metro East. Karylle arrived with a huge smile and wowed the crowd as she performed upbeat songs. After a few songs, parlor games were played and the contestants who won went home with Pink Water gift packs.

Fun and exciting. The last leg of Pink Water mall tour will be on August 21, 2010 at Robinsons Imus.

See Yah!

Karylle and Pink Water TOUR

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This Saturday, August 14, visit Robinsons Metro East and watch Karylle as she mesmerize the crowd with her powerful voice.

Pink Water is bringing the third leg of of Karylle’s Mall Tour with Pink Water in Robinsons Metro East. Expect an afternoon filled with fun, games, songs and excitement.

A lot of fun and prizes awaits you! See you!

Perfect Scents in Robinsons Place Manila

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The second mall tour of Karylle happens to be in Manila. Robinsons and Ever Bilena partnered again in bringing Karylle closer to her fans.

While waiting for Karylle, fun games were played and Pink Water Body Spray was given to winners. Fans of Karylle enjoyed the game, few more minutes; Karylle came and wowed the audience. Looking beautiful, feels good and smells good, Karylle gave her fans a song number.

After the short program, those who avail Pink Water were able to get a free poster and meet Karylle in person.

A true tiring day but Karylle looks so beautiful and still confident that she smells good, perfect example of a modern woman.

For photos, check the downloads page in http://ebpinkwater.multiply.com/photos/album/2/Pink_Water_and_Karylle_Mall_Tour_

Pink Water and Karylle Visits Robinsons Galleria!

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Not like any other Sunday, July 18 was full of fun and giggles. Robinsons worked with Ever Bilena and Pink Water to bring Karylle closer to her fans.

Karylle’s first stop was in the Department Store of Robinsons Galleria, a table in the perfumery section was placed for Karylle to sign posters to those who bought any of the four scents of Pink Water Body Spray.

While Karylle was still in the perfumery section, the crowd in the activity area of Robinsons Galleria was already waiting for her. There were some games and giftpacks were distributed to those who won the game.

After the short program, Karylle gave a song number and soon, autograph signing proceeded.

For photos during the Karylle and Pink Water Mall Tour in Robinsons Galleria, kindly visit the downloads page in http://ebpinkwater.multiply.com/photos/album/1/Pink_Water_and_Karylle_Mall_Tour_


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Rizal’s Next Top Model wowed the audience last March 7 when they started to ramp in the stage in SM Event Center. With those slender figures of women and the awesome built of male candidates, the crowd started to cheer, enjoy the show and shout the names of their respectful bets.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics, joined the organizers of the said event and believed that every dreamers have the chance to make their dreams their reality. Ever Bilena, Pink Water and Blackwater support all dreamers who dared to dream.