Flying Beauties

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Everyone deserves to be the best whether in front of many people or in comforts of their friends’ presence. To do this, they just have to be themselves and be proud of who they are. I truly believe that one’s presence can always attract attention and we just have to know how to do it.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics, one of the favorite make-up lines today has committed in sharing beauty secrets to everyone. Aside from providing beauty secrets through their websites and fan pages, the company also partners with different companies and organizations performing Personality Development seminars.

Among these seminars was with Cebu Pacific wherein the airline’s stewardesses and personnel were given the chance to know on how to properly put on their make-ups and transform themselves from plain janes to gorgeous ladies.

During the seminar, Mr. Niño Mas, Marketing Manager and Mr. Mark Salecina, Brand Manager of Ever Bilena, respectively, were the ones who served as speakers while make-up experts from Ever Bilena Cosmetics performed the make-up demonstration for the participants to see the proper make-up application.

Using Ever Bilena make-up products, the participants applied the make-up on themselves following the step by step process cued by the make-up artist. In a few moments, the girls finally had their well-deserved make-over.

Truly, Ever Bilena Cosmetics knows how to share beauty tips that could transform jane looks to royal beauties as it did to the Cebu Pacific’s stewardesses and personnel just enough to keep every woman’s beauty shining.


Beauty meets the BEE!

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Oh yes, beauty doesn’t only come in fashion show and beauty pageant! It also comes to the fastest growing and renowned quick service restaurant, Jollibee! And Ever Bilena supports Jollibee’s endeavor of adding more quality to customer service by professionalizing its managers through a series of Personality Development training through Karen Agustin, a former beauty queen turned image consultant.

The training includes topics on basic grooming, power dressing, communication and of course, MAKE UP! And who else holds the authority in make up? Of course, none other than Ever Bilena! Ever Bilena provides the make up items used during the demonstration and participants’ simulation as well.

The training program will run until December of this year. And for sure, Ever Bilena will be there to support the busiest BEEs to deliver the yummiest and tastiest foods by the ever beautiful frontliners and managers of Jollibee.

Karen Agustin during the Personality Development Talk

Make-up Training

Employees of Jollibee trying to put on make-up based on the guidelines and step by step process taught by Karen.