Women of the Earth

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Mother Earth definitely knows how lucky she is that several young women are making a stand and pushing for a greener earth. Carousel Productions once again brings us Miss Philippines Earth – searching for the women who do not only exudes beauty and intelligence but love for nature too.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics have been supporting the pageant for over 4 years and this year, the company continues to admire these wonderful ladies and the cause they are fighting for. And because Ever Bilena believes that every beauty queen has to know how to be confident and beautiful all the time, the management arranged a corporate visit for the candidates wherein they were taught how to put on proper make-up and were given beauty tips from experts from Ever Bilena. It was also the time for these young and modern women to meet the executives of the company.

Watch out for these young women as they go on mall tours before the coronation night. Believe that true beauty is not superficial at all. It is what’s inside that makes you glowing outside.

Beauties With A Cause

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Beauty and brains when mixed forms a persona who we can compare close to perfect.

Last month, 49 women battled for the title of Miss Philippines Earth. Who ever wins in the said pageant will get the chance to represent the country in the Miss Earth pageant for this year.

These women did not undergo any simple procedure before they were able to attend the coronation night. Each one of them exerted too much effort and hoped that they could take home the crown but only five individuals were chosen amongst 49 beauties.

From press conference/ press presentation, cultural night, long gown competition, swimsuit competition and talent night to the pageant night, Ever Bilena Cosmetics supported Miss Philippines Earth and the candidates.

After the competitions, 5 were chosen as winners out of 10 hopeful candidates.