The Fun In Running

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Ever Success

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27 years? Not anymore because this year, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. will celebrate its 28th year in making all Filipino lives beautiful.

Last January 7, the big bosses of Ever Bilena and the endorsers gather for a photo shoot.

Grand and Glamorous, the shoot shows the growing family of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. and the continuous success of the company in the industry. The endorsers did not mind the weather at all, with smiles of their faces, each of them faced the camera with glowing beauty and awesome personality, the perfect traits of a true Ever Bilena endorser.

Here are some of the Behind The Scene photos:

Check out the rest of the photos on March in different magazines!

The Final Leg!

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Pink Water Mall Tour’s final leg was in Robinsons Imus. A hot morning became even hotter when Karylle finally walked in stage and sang for the crowd who really waited for her.

The energetic Karylle was so happy that so many people waited for her appearance. She danced with the crowd and made cute little girls dance too. She really mesmerized the crowd. But it is not just singing and dancing because Pink Water prepared games too for the fans and the people who kept in supporting Pink Water.

Parlor games it is. Let the games begin and every one who joined the games went home with a smile and Pink Water gift packs!

Until the next set of mall tours with Pink Water and Karylle!

Check out photos in multiply.

Karylle Paints the Town Pink!

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Before starting her show, Karylle mentioned she wanted to be loved, to feel loved and voila! in an instant, a poster was raised amidst the crowd from one of her fans saying that he loves Karylle.

The 3rd leg of Pink Water Mall Tour was in Robinsons Metro East. Karylle arrived with a huge smile and wowed the crowd as she performed upbeat songs. After a few songs, parlor games were played and the contestants who won went home with Pink Water gift packs.

Fun and exciting. The last leg of Pink Water mall tour will be on August 21, 2010 at Robinsons Imus.

See Yah!

Karylle and Pink Water TOUR

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This Saturday, August 14, visit Robinsons Metro East and watch Karylle as she mesmerize the crowd with her powerful voice.

Pink Water is bringing the third leg of of Karylle’s Mall Tour with Pink Water in Robinsons Metro East. Expect an afternoon filled with fun, games, songs and excitement.

A lot of fun and prizes awaits you! See you!

Perfect Scents in Robinsons Place Manila

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The second mall tour of Karylle happens to be in Manila. Robinsons and Ever Bilena partnered again in bringing Karylle closer to her fans.

While waiting for Karylle, fun games were played and Pink Water Body Spray was given to winners. Fans of Karylle enjoyed the game, few more minutes; Karylle came and wowed the audience. Looking beautiful, feels good and smells good, Karylle gave her fans a song number.

After the short program, those who avail Pink Water were able to get a free poster and meet Karylle in person.

A true tiring day but Karylle looks so beautiful and still confident that she smells good, perfect example of a modern woman.

For photos, check the downloads page in

Pink Water and Karylle Visits Robinsons Galleria!

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Not like any other Sunday, July 18 was full of fun and giggles. Robinsons worked with Ever Bilena and Pink Water to bring Karylle closer to her fans.

Karylle’s first stop was in the Department Store of Robinsons Galleria, a table in the perfumery section was placed for Karylle to sign posters to those who bought any of the four scents of Pink Water Body Spray.

While Karylle was still in the perfumery section, the crowd in the activity area of Robinsons Galleria was already waiting for her. There were some games and giftpacks were distributed to those who won the game.

After the short program, Karylle gave a song number and soon, autograph signing proceeded.

For photos during the Karylle and Pink Water Mall Tour in Robinsons Galleria, kindly visit the downloads page in

Ever Bilena’s 27 Years of Reign

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Long run, long fight alas! Ever Bilena finally reached a number which symbolizes not just the profit it earns but the prestige it shares to almost every Filipino.

27 years of making every Filipina beautiful and not just that because Ever Bilena also branched out into making every Filipino confident about themselves by smelling good. With the long list of brands introduced to the public, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Careline Cosmetics, Blackwater, Ever Bilena’s line for men, EB Pink Water, Private Joyce and Noosa, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. really made a mark in the lives of Filipinos.

What was supposed to be just a nail polish line turned into a cosmetics line which soon became a giant in the cosmetics industry, fighting side by side with other companies specializing in the same field as the number 1 cosmetics company that can provide beauty and skin care altogether for the consumers, Ever Bilena proved that with dedication and hard work, one can achieve greatness and success.

For this year, Ever Bilena is still on the go to give the best for the Filipinos and even launched new endorsers as part of the family to cater all social classes in the country. The growing family of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. includes Francine Prieto and Ms. Spain, Alejandra Echevarria for Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Sarah Geronimo for Careline Cosmetics, Christian Bautista, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer  and Mr. Bongbong Marcos  for Blackwater, EB Pink Water is being endorsed by Kaylle and Joyce Jimenez for Private Joyce.

Truly, Ever Bilena was able to move mountains and this year marked the 27th year of its undying devotion to present Filipinos with beauty products in affordable prices. Amidst all calamities and even problems, Ever Bilena makes every Filipino a true epitome or beauty.

Check out the Behind the scenes of Ever Bilena’s Anniversary for ABS-CBN Publishing:

Party-Goer’s Checklist

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Dress up to the nines!

Cocktail dresses come in different styles and fit. In choosing a dress, just keep in mind that comfort comes first. An elegant LBD is always perfect for your glamorous evening party.

black dress

Shoes made for walking

Stiletto shoes are one of the most flattering shoe styles for women, especially for short ones. Although stilettos may not be every woman’s cup of tea, wearing stiletto can make short women look longer and leaner. With these, you’ll gain confidence in standing straight and have a good posture.

girl in stilettos

Hair in Style

Since, letting your hair down at a party means imbibing a glass of champagne, you are in need of a carefree hairstyle, one that doesn’t require a dozen trips to the rest room for a touch up. For a casual yet sophisticated look, a simple swept back up-do is sure hit! This hairstyle will suit almost any style of dress and is relatively easy to achieve.


Makeup Magic

Being magnetic is part of the motive why you need to look fresh and beautiful. Turn on your charm by using a foundation that is enriched with Vitamin E to have a natural and oil-free skin. Ever Bilena Advance Shine-Free Foundation gives you a smooth face finish that last from night until dawn.

Also, create glamorous look to your lashes with fine brush mascaras that could make your lashes look longer and highly defined. Ever Bilena High Definition Waterproof Mascara is perfect for women who love to be the center of attention.

Lastly, don’t get caught in the dark. As the dawn starts to dwindle, it’s important to remain fresh and beautiful with Ever Bilena Advance Lighting Lipgloss. A luxurious fusion of lustrous color and magnetic sheen gives you a shine of gloss. Turn your everyday smile into stunning, polished brilliance! Light up the night with complimentary light and mirror to keep your application look bright through the evening.

Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free FoundationEver Bilena Advanced High Definiton Waterproof Mascaraever bilena advanced lighting lipgloss

Picture Reference:

Karylle Photo by: Sara Black

Girls take note! Ever Bilena Dating Rules for Women

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Love is searching for a happy ending! Everybody is a seeker so one must find his or her partner to be happy. In dating, you are testing the compatibility you have with another person. Through moments of conversation and laughter, you’ll have the opportunity to know your date better.

If dating as a game, then there are rules that you need to follow. But are you really ready for that special date? In choosing a nice dress, shoes, accessories and make-up—I’m sure, you’ll take a lot of time to prepare for that special day. Preparation might excite you but do not overdo your look. Keep it simple, classic yet attractive.

Dress Properly. Plan your outfit in advance. Know where you are going so that you’ll have an idea on what to wear. Just keep in mind that a comfortable dress will always give you confidence to carry yourself.

Don’t Be Late. Make a schedule. He will appreciate if you’ll show up on your agreed time and place.

Stay Positive. Good conversation is the usual catch! In ‘getting-to-know-you’ stage, you must try to communicate positively. Be generous in complimenting him and show interest to what he is saying. Make sense and impress him with your knowledge.

Look your Best. Give yourself a beauty sleep. To achieve a blemish-free skin, sleep early the night before your special date. Make a good impression on your date by looking your best. Conversations come in close proximity so present yourself simple yet attractive.

Scent of Romance. Proper hygiene will keep you fresh and clean. PINK WATER Body Spray gives a long-lasting and lingering ‘arrive’. You’ll gain the confidence to face your partner with every squirt of its mist. With four exciting scents- Love Me, Feel Me, Kiss Me and Smell Me- you’ll have different choices of fragrance for your everyday mood.

Ever Bilena Pink Water Body Spray

If you accept dating as a game then there are supposing winners. Just remember that dating itself is a test of compatibility, so don’t expect too much from your date to avoid disappointments. Carry on and be ever beautiful!