It’s your TURN

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The youth finally said their word. In the recent Go Negosyo Event, the organization gave names to the most successful young businessman in present.

Ever Bilena believes that everyone deserves a chance and the company gives opportunities to people who wanted to prove changes. In this year’s event of Go Negosyo focusing on youth, Ever Bilena salutes the young people who strive hard to achieve success in the business scene.

Several attendees of the event were from the youth sector and the speakers for the day are well known personalities who made in the business industry.

Until the next Go NEGOSYO event!

Go Women!

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This year, Go Negosyo centered their event to women empowerment. With this cause, the event talked most about women, women entrepreneurship and the products for women. With this, Ever Bilena joins Go Negosyo in appreciating the worth of women. Always remember that behind a man’s success is a woman and this time, taking a closer and deeper look on them will make them feel good and loved.

Ever Bilena has dedicated 27 years in making Filipinas beautiful and continues to do it in present. We salute every woman who understands their worth and believes that with patience and hardwork, being successful is easy.

Ms. Khristine Gabriel, Business Development Manager of Ever Bilena attended in the said event and represented the company during the forum together with other women entrepreneurs in the country. A make-up demonstration was also performed by Ever Bilena Team.