Ever Bilena @ Megamall!

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Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc is a proud member of CCIP or Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines.

Last September 10, 11 and 12, CCIP held the 3rd Pilipinas Ang Ganda Mo! Cosmetics Fair 2010. Packed with several contests and shows, the event is also full of cosmetic products. Different cosmetics companies participated in the event and several mall goers get the chance to get free make-over and products from the participating companies.

On the first day, Francine Prieto, endorser of Ever Bilena Skin Care products attended the event. There was a photo op with her; it is a sign that she and Ever Bilena support the fair organized by CCIP.

In the afternoon, make-up demonstration followed by a make-up competition took place. During the make-up demo, Mr. Onin Mas, Marketing Manager of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. and Mr. Mark Salecina, Brand Manager of Ever Bilena Cosmetics gave tips and explained the importance of make-up.

During the competition proper, Ever Bilena products were used by the contestants. Participants came from different participating companies in the fair.

Until next year! Celebrate beauty with Ever Bilena and CCIP!

All Francine!

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Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. held a press conference for its endorsers.

Francine, a true blood Ever Bilena girl once again amazed the press by simply being herself. Aside from being beautiful, her smooth and glowing skin proved that she has all what it takes to be the endorser of Ever Bilena Skin Care Products. Beautiful and glowing, she is an admirable woman exhibiting true beauty inside and out.

The entertainment press is very happy to talk with her. She is down to earth and friendly. The people like her and she cannot stop smiling. They even cheered for her to sing and she was amazed for the support but she simply gave them a sweet smile.

After the short program, Francine was able to talk to the press one on one.

MEET and GREET Francine!

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7 Eleven celebrated the grand opening of their newest store last July 30.

Francine Prieto, endorser of Ever Bilena attended the grand opening with Mr. Silliman Sy, COO of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc and Mr. Mark Charles Salecina, Brand Manager for Ever Bilena Cosmetics. Supervisors from Ever Bilenas Retails Sales Department also attended the opening in support of 7 Eleven and to head the MEET and GREET program for Francine.

Ever Bilena congratulates 7 Eleven as it continuously give every Filipino convenience. Truly providing every Filipino a better way of life, Congratulations to 7 Eleven!

Ever Bilena’s 27 Years of Reign

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Long run, long fight alas! Ever Bilena finally reached a number which symbolizes not just the profit it earns but the prestige it shares to almost every Filipino.

27 years of making every Filipina beautiful and not just that because Ever Bilena also branched out into making every Filipino confident about themselves by smelling good. With the long list of brands introduced to the public, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Careline Cosmetics, Blackwater, Ever Bilena’s line for men, EB Pink Water, Private Joyce and Noosa, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. really made a mark in the lives of Filipinos.

What was supposed to be just a nail polish line turned into a cosmetics line which soon became a giant in the cosmetics industry, fighting side by side with other companies specializing in the same field as the number 1 cosmetics company that can provide beauty and skin care altogether for the consumers, Ever Bilena proved that with dedication and hard work, one can achieve greatness and success.

For this year, Ever Bilena is still on the go to give the best for the Filipinos and even launched new endorsers as part of the family to cater all social classes in the country. The growing family of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. includes Francine Prieto and Ms. Spain, Alejandra Echevarria for Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Sarah Geronimo for Careline Cosmetics, Christian Bautista, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer  and Mr. Bongbong Marcos  for Blackwater, EB Pink Water is being endorsed by Kaylle and Joyce Jimenez for Private Joyce.

Truly, Ever Bilena was able to move mountains and this year marked the 27th year of its undying devotion to present Filipinos with beauty products in affordable prices. Amidst all calamities and even problems, Ever Bilena makes every Filipino a true epitome or beauty.

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