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The concept of beauty has always evolved since time immemorial.  No surprise that women change their looks every so often.  More often than not, change is the key for an enhanced look.

What is routine and usual becomes a habit. More so, using the same make-up regimen becomes boring and lackluster. Change makes women appreciate their beauty better and feel good about themselves.  This is meeting exciting challenges and addition to a thriving life.

Some women out there who fear to take chances fear the worst. But, we will never know what is beautiful if we don’t dare submit to the inevitable marvelous transformation. For those who want to try a new way to wake up your every morning with a better look, here are a few Sham-to-Glam solutions:Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Foundation

Glam Solution #1: Give your skin a healthy glow. The sun is light and life! But, when it gets too hot and humid, the rays can bring the worst out of our skin. No matter what colors or how much you apply, makeup would never look as good when the skin lacks radiance. Use Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Liquid Make-up Foundation. This liquid foundation gives you the right coverage for a clean matte finish, plus it shields your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Formulated with UVA/UVB sunscreen, Vitamin E and moisturizers, your skin is protected all day long!

Ever Bilena Eyeshadow 24 Shades

Glam Solution #2: Eye Candy. Add a pop color by applying lovely hues to your eyelids from the Ever Bilena 24 Eye Shadow Palette. Makeup experts agree that applying at least three colors (base, highlight and contour) give your eyes the right allure – – first, choose a medium shade for the base and apply it all over your upper eyelid. Then, contour your lids by using a darker shade of color. Apply over the Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstickcrease of your eyes to give the illusion of deep-set eyes.  For the final touch, apply the lightest shade of color to your brow bone for highlight. The open secret of glamorous eye makeup is the effect of proper blending. So, let us blend, blend and blend.

Glam Solution #3: Pucker Up. Keep the look fresh and flirty by applying any of the delicious lip color from the Ever Bilena Extreme Lipstick collection. This collection not only has vibrant colors to choose from, you are ensured lips remain soft and supple as it is enriched with the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E. To get a clean and even finish, use a lip brush. Apply lipstick starting from the center and sweep color all over your lips. Press your lips together and re-apply to achieve the ideal spread of color to your entire mouth.

Glam Solution #4: Glitter Definition. Glam is never achieved without giving your peepers the right definition. Ever Bilena Glitter Eye Liner is perfect for the job! Draw a thin line on your upper lids and just close enough to your lash base. Apply it from the inner corner of your eye going out. Trace it over to achieve a more intense and bolder look. The glitter and shine around your eyes would definitely catch the attention of the people you meet.

Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeliner