The Earth’s Most Beautiful

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Elegant poise, glamorous poses, captivating smiles and engaging beauty is the kind of woman that everybody loves.

The pride of the Queen City of the South, Miss Earth-Philippines, Cebu candidate Muriel Adrienne Orais had taken them all. With her elegance, poise, endearing smiles, alluring poses, she gained the favor of the crowd by reaching nearly 8, 000 votes via social network Facebook which led her to be the runaway winner of one of the most coveted awards of the pageant, the Miss Ever Bilena/Photogenic Award, courtesy of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc., the pageant’s major partner for four in a row.

True to the thrust of the Carousel Productions, Inc.-led Miss Philippines-Earth Beauty Pageant of producing beautiful and sensible women, Muriel did not only sport an astounding beauty but with comprehensive understanding of the present environmental issues to reach the top ten finalists and eventually going home with Miss Earth-Philippines Water award, Best in Casual Wear, and 1st Runner Up in Gown.

Donning the Miss Ever Bilena/Photogenic Award was Mr. Niño S. Mas, Marketing Manager of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc..


Wedding Bells Are Ringing

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Wedding Bells are ringing! Check out this schedule of Kasalang Filipino 2011 and witness how Ever Bilena can surely make all brides ever beautiful!

Ever Bilena shines in Sunstar Mall

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Beauty, talent and wit when combined form an amazing image of a woman. Perfect in the eyes of almost everybody but what is more astonishing is the fact that these women are incredibly beautiful inside and out.

Some would definitely look really beautiful on the outside but does their heart beat good deeds and love? A true Ever Bilena woman surely knows how to be beautiful inside and out.

Ever Bilena never stopped to honor true beauty and in Sunstar Mall in the province of Laguna, Ever Bilena searched for the woman who exhibits the spirit of a true beautiful woman.

With their beauty, talent and their wit, each contestant for Ms. Sunstar Mall vie for the title. They memerized the crowd with their sexy body, admirable beauty, superb talent and their intelligence but in the end, only one woman will shine among the rest.

Check out these photos and see for yourself how a true Ever Bilena woman amazes the crowd.

Beauties of the Earth

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Miss Earth Press Conference

Ever Bilena Cosmetics supports the unprecedented search for a worthy woman who cares for and helps in the conservation of the environment. A woman should not only look beautiful, they should also have good values, love and care for the nation and its natural resources. As Ever Bilena believes in beauty inside and out, the company helps Miss Earth 2009 to search for the queen who is worthy of the crown.

The company has been sponsoring the pageant for the last three years, believing in their admirable advocacy in painting the world clean and green– during their pre-pageant activities such as Press Conference, Swimsuit Competition, Long gown competition, Mall Tours and Corporate Visit, Ever Bilena was there to show full support and encouragement to all 80 lovely delegates representing their respective cultures and countries across the seven continents of the world.

Recognize as Ms. Ever Bilena, Tereza Budkova (Miss Czech Republic) received 20,000 pesos cash plus 15,000 pesos worth of Ever Bilena items during the Long gown competition at Pagcor Philippines.

ever bilena products

Mr. Onin Mas with Miss Ever Bilena IMG_6513

Ms. Ever Bilena, Tereza Budkova

The grand coronation night held last November 22, 2009 at Boracay Convention Center, Puka Beach, Aklan announced three lovely women who emerge as runner-ups, namely: Miss Earth- Fire, Alejandra Echevarria Pedrajas (Ms. Spain), Miss Earth- Water, Jessica Barboza (Ms. Venezuela), Miss Earth- Air, Sandra Seifert (Ms. Philippines).

Miss Earth winners

Miss Earth 2009 winner, Larissa R. Ramos (Ms. Brazil) has beauty and brains who was worthy and deserving for the crown. As a biology student, Larissa shows her advocacy through showing concern in a clean and green environment. Her admirable advocacy for the preservation of the environment fits her personality and concern.

The four lovely candidates acknowledge the support given by Ever Bilena as they thank Mr. Dioceldo Sy, CEO and President for all the support given to the pageant for a cause. Truly, Ever Bilena and Miss Earth 2009 believe that a woman must be genuine and beautiful inside and out.

with Mr. Dioceldo Sy

Miss Earth styling and accesories by Arielle Agasang

Girls take note! Ever Bilena Dating Rules for Women

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Love is searching for a happy ending! Everybody is a seeker so one must find his or her partner to be happy. In dating, you are testing the compatibility you have with another person. Through moments of conversation and laughter, you’ll have the opportunity to know your date better.

If dating as a game, then there are rules that you need to follow. But are you really ready for that special date? In choosing a nice dress, shoes, accessories and make-up—I’m sure, you’ll take a lot of time to prepare for that special day. Preparation might excite you but do not overdo your look. Keep it simple, classic yet attractive.

Dress Properly. Plan your outfit in advance. Know where you are going so that you’ll have an idea on what to wear. Just keep in mind that a comfortable dress will always give you confidence to carry yourself.

Don’t Be Late. Make a schedule. He will appreciate if you’ll show up on your agreed time and place.

Stay Positive. Good conversation is the usual catch! In ‘getting-to-know-you’ stage, you must try to communicate positively. Be generous in complimenting him and show interest to what he is saying. Make sense and impress him with your knowledge.

Look your Best. Give yourself a beauty sleep. To achieve a blemish-free skin, sleep early the night before your special date. Make a good impression on your date by looking your best. Conversations come in close proximity so present yourself simple yet attractive.

Scent of Romance. Proper hygiene will keep you fresh and clean. PINK WATER Body Spray gives a long-lasting and lingering ‘arrive’. You’ll gain the confidence to face your partner with every squirt of its mist. With four exciting scents- Love Me, Feel Me, Kiss Me and Smell Me- you’ll have different choices of fragrance for your everyday mood.

Ever Bilena Pink Water Body Spray

If you accept dating as a game then there are supposing winners. Just remember that dating itself is a test of compatibility, so don’t expect too much from your date to avoid disappointments. Carry on and be ever beautiful!

A Glimpse of Romance: Pinkwater TVC Behind the Scenes

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The newest endorser of Pinkwater Body Spray, Karylle show off her femininity with grace and poise during her first ever television commercial! As pink symbolizes romance, love, and friendship, Karylle, on the same hand, epitomizes the image of a modern woman who put her full effort on the things that she do— that is to spread the love among her charity works and be passionate in her singing and acting career.

pinkwater body spray by Ever BilenaPinkwater Love Me Scent

The television commercial shows her feminine qualities. Aligned with four scents namely, Feel Me, Kiss Me, Smell Me and Love Me, Karylle matches her everyday mood in different occasions. With her smile and eagerness to do the whole day television shoot, the set was filled with fun and laughter.

A twist of romance captures the scene as Christian Bautista, an endorser of Blackwater by Ever Bilena, visits the shoot and took a few romantic shots with Karylle at the TVC! Oh-my! *giggles* As they exchange glances, I knew this commercial was made with love and ardor. Behind the scene performances gave me a glimpse of the excitement for this, I can’t wait to watch it live on screen!

karylle and Christian BautistaKarylle during the TV Shoot

What can I say? If the making of the TVC was all about fun, fun and fun… what else we can expect with the latest television commercial that will definitely capture your senses! Watch it on your favorite local television channels!


IIP Directors

Place: FPJ Studio– September 16, 2009

Production Staff: IIP (Industrial Images and Productions)

Director: August Lyle Espino

Acting Director: Jacquiline Castello

Director of Photography: Alma Dela Pena

Stylist and Makeup Artist: Bang Pineda, Leo Posadas and Toni and Guy