Direct Selling Partners face the Camera

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Ever Bilena is not only committed to keep women beautiful all the time. The company is also dedicated to make every direct selling partner feel loved and taken cared of by simply giving them the best opportunities they truly deserve.

As a way of recognizing their hard work and dedication to the company, Ever Bilena gives them the spotlight.

Here are some of Ever Bilena’s Direct Selling Partners from South Luzon.

Watch them in Umagang Kay Ganda and learn how you too can be successful in the field of cosmetics. Keep the beauty in you shining all the time with Ever Bilena.

Ever Bilena Direct Sales opens the Spotlight

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Ever Bilena endorsers share the spotlight with Ever Bilena Direct Selling Partners in a three-day TVC shoot.

Showing the true love of Ever Bilena, the company took time to give the limelight to the people who are part of the company in giving the rest of the Filipinos a beautiful choice.

The shoot is basically about showing Filipinos that they can also have what these people were able to achieve with hard work and partnership with Ever Bilena.

Here are some of the behind the scenes photo during the shoot.

Watch the new TV Commercial of Ever Bilena Direct Selling Partners and have a glimpse of the success they were able to get with Ever Bilena.