Earth Warriors Meet the Beauty Experts

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Equipped with their beauty, wit, and environmental advocacies, the Miss Philippines-Earth 2012 candidates were all smiles as they arrived in Valley Golf Antipolo for their Corporate Visit last April in the home of Ever Bilena President and CEO, Mr. Dioceldo S. Sy.

Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, has long been a supporter and sponsor of the Miss Philippines-Earth pageant and its cause to save and maintain the rich resources of Mother Nature. This year, as the company celebrates its 29th year anniversary, it expects to have a better and stronger partnership with Carousel Productions, the owner and organizer of the prestigious beauty pageant.

During the Corporate Visit, the candidates were taught how to beautify themselves using Ever Bilena products. A makeup demonstration was held to give the contestants more tips on how to emphasize their God-given assets and prepare them for their Makeup Challenge which is a friendly competition that will earn them points for the pageant. After the demo, the candidates gamely posed for the cameras, flaunting their pretty faces more enhanced by the products supplied by Ever Bilena.

But aside from keeping themselves fit and fab, the gorgeous ladies are also serious in promoting their advocacies to maintain and preserve the environment. Ever Bilena gave each contestant an avenue to discuss their advocacies in the form of a swimsuit parade. Each of the earth warriors spoke about their environmental advocacies with conviction. Their insights and suggestions reflect their awareness of current environmental issues; and show their utmost concern for the environment and their dedication protect nature. The ladies, all coming from different fields and industries—nursing, chemical engineering, modeling, law, journalism, etc.—are prepared and ever willing to take on the responsibility of encouraging people to conserve and save Earth.

Before the day ended, special awards were given by Ever Bilena to three stand-out candidates. The Ms. Careline Award was given to Glenna Christina Duch from the Province of Negros Oriental because of her youthful beauty, her contagious smile, and charms. Glennifer Perido of Tabuk City was awarded Ms. Pinkwater because of her fresh aura and active personality. Lastly, the Ms. EB Advance award was handed to Stephany Dianne Stefanowitz of Quezon City to honor her flawless complexion and radiant beauty.


Indeed, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. is proud to be part of this year’s Ms. Philippines Earth Beauty Pageant. The company believes that the promotion of the candidates’ environmental advocacies is of great help in saving the environment.

Ever Bilena is for the beauty of every Filipina and for the conservation of the planet we live in—our one and only Earth.

Of Scents and Musicales

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Pinkwater and Blackwater endorsers, Karylle and Christian Bautista respectively, gamely revived and relived their experiences from their international musical drama series in their newest Ever Bilena TV commercial.

With the advent of musical TV shows, it is but timely that Ever Bilena came up with a commercial which features Filipino products that are of superior quality—Karylle and Christian, plus Ever Bilena’s new scents, the Blackwater Sports and Pinkwater Activ.

During the TVC shoot, Karylle effortlessly exuded her aura of fun as she graced the set with refined movements and superb acting. Our songstress also radiated qualities which are embodied by the four new scents of Pinkwater Activ Bodyspray—So Pink, So In Love, So Nice, So Kind. As witnessed by the Ever Bilena team, Karylle is the kind of lady who is active and always on the go, yet remains nice, kind, and deeply in love with her craft. Her strong will and dedication to her art is what makes her a role model; a woman of our generation.

Likewise, Christian oozed with masculinity, sensuality, confidence, and gallantry as he partnered with Karylle. He had been very hard working through the years, opening himself to other talents (or shall we say, “adventures”) such as dancing. Christian, as his father recalled, was never the dancer in the family. He actually dreaded dancing until he joined the cast of their Singapore-based musical TV show. The Ever Bilena staff thinks Christian has finally conquered a fear when he learned to put on his grooves—an admirable feat of the modern, active, and sporty men.

The Ever Bilena team witnessed how Christian complemented his partner in the most gentlemanly fashion. What more could a girl ask for, right? Just like the four new scents of Blackwater Sports, Christian is just the right mix of stylishness, talent, passion, and depth. These new scents are sure to match the modern-day guys’ need for adventure and thrill.

Christian and Karylle’s careers have indeed gone a long way. Their singing careers have flourished in the mainstream with notable acting and modeling on the leveled side. In their Pan-Asian musical TV show, Christian and Karylle play the lead roles, proving that Filipinos are really talented performers who can keep pace with other renowned multi-national personalities.

These two literally rocked the ever Bilena TVC set. Their chemistry were palpable on and off the screen. The TVC shoot, which almost did not push through because of the endorsers’ commitment to their TV musicale and their tight timetable, was concluded with high spirits and pure energy. With all the fun activities in the set, the TVC shoot turned out to be one eventful extravaganza. #

Flying Beauties

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Everyone deserves to be the best whether in front of many people or in comforts of their friends’ presence. To do this, they just have to be themselves and be proud of who they are. I truly believe that one’s presence can always attract attention and we just have to know how to do it.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics, one of the favorite make-up lines today has committed in sharing beauty secrets to everyone. Aside from providing beauty secrets through their websites and fan pages, the company also partners with different companies and organizations performing Personality Development seminars.

Among these seminars was with Cebu Pacific wherein the airline’s stewardesses and personnel were given the chance to know on how to properly put on their make-ups and transform themselves from plain janes to gorgeous ladies.

During the seminar, Mr. Niño Mas, Marketing Manager and Mr. Mark Salecina, Brand Manager of Ever Bilena, respectively, were the ones who served as speakers while make-up experts from Ever Bilena Cosmetics performed the make-up demonstration for the participants to see the proper make-up application.

Using Ever Bilena make-up products, the participants applied the make-up on themselves following the step by step process cued by the make-up artist. In a few moments, the girls finally had their well-deserved make-over.

Truly, Ever Bilena Cosmetics knows how to share beauty tips that could transform jane looks to royal beauties as it did to the Cebu Pacific’s stewardesses and personnel just enough to keep every woman’s beauty shining.


Happy Birthday Miss D….

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The Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. Family joins you in this momentous celebration of life and wishes you more jubilant celebrations to  come. May you receive abundance throughout this year and the years to come!  Thank you for gracing this company with the “Beauty in You.”

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The Earth’s Most Beautiful

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Elegant poise, glamorous poses, captivating smiles and engaging beauty is the kind of woman that everybody loves.

The pride of the Queen City of the South, Miss Earth-Philippines, Cebu candidate Muriel Adrienne Orais had taken them all. With her elegance, poise, endearing smiles, alluring poses, she gained the favor of the crowd by reaching nearly 8, 000 votes via social network Facebook which led her to be the runaway winner of one of the most coveted awards of the pageant, the Miss Ever Bilena/Photogenic Award, courtesy of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc., the pageant’s major partner for four in a row.

True to the thrust of the Carousel Productions, Inc.-led Miss Philippines-Earth Beauty Pageant of producing beautiful and sensible women, Muriel did not only sport an astounding beauty but with comprehensive understanding of the present environmental issues to reach the top ten finalists and eventually going home with Miss Earth-Philippines Water award, Best in Casual Wear, and 1st Runner Up in Gown.

Donning the Miss Ever Bilena/Photogenic Award was Mr. Niño S. Mas, Marketing Manager of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc..


Women of the Earth

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Mother Earth definitely knows how lucky she is that several young women are making a stand and pushing for a greener earth. Carousel Productions once again brings us Miss Philippines Earth – searching for the women who do not only exudes beauty and intelligence but love for nature too.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics have been supporting the pageant for over 4 years and this year, the company continues to admire these wonderful ladies and the cause they are fighting for. And because Ever Bilena believes that every beauty queen has to know how to be confident and beautiful all the time, the management arranged a corporate visit for the candidates wherein they were taught how to put on proper make-up and were given beauty tips from experts from Ever Bilena. It was also the time for these young and modern women to meet the executives of the company.

Watch out for these young women as they go on mall tours before the coronation night. Believe that true beauty is not superficial at all. It is what’s inside that makes you glowing outside.

Ms. D is in the House

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All Fun. All Work. Despite of Daiana Menezes’ busy schedule, she was able to participate in the opening of SM Masinag last May 6.

Our beautiful Brazilian is definitely a hot item. Her fans are all happy to see her in person. It is no doubt a fact that this Brazilian made it really big in showbiz and with her projects left and right, who can stop her from being a superstar.

As endorser of Ever Bilena, Daiana surely possess the beauty that the brand is talking about. And on her meet and greet session with her fans, she definitely amazed the crowd and even made them like her more.

Check out some of the photos here. The rest, you can download it on Ever Bilena website.

The Fun In Running

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The Beauty In YOU

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Every woman deserves to be really beautiful and Ever Bilena gives women the gift they truly deserve!

Ever Bilena joined Solar Publishing last week as they again took notice of the importance of women by giving them the show that shares knowledge, gives opportunity and enjoyment.

Ever Bilena Direct Selling Partner came to talk about Direct Selling Business. Ms. Silan shared her story on how she started with Ever Bilena Direct Selling and how she became very successful.

Beauty is not seen only from the outside. It is a package, Beauty from Within and Beauty outside. Ever Bilena gives you all the chance to shine, from within and outside.

Join Direct Selling now and have the chance to discover the true Beauty in YOU.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

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Wedding Bells are ringing! Check out this schedule of Kasalang Filipino 2011 and witness how Ever Bilena can surely make all brides ever beautiful!