Eyebrow Match

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Eyebrow Match


Finding the best brows for your face is somehow tedious, you can’t just go with the trend. A Well-arched, fuller brows or caterpillar-thick Delevigne arches are on trend but it doesn’t suit for all. Just like haircuts, eyebrows are not one-size fits all.

Creating perfect brows will depend on your face shape, that’s why we list down the eyebrow shape that best flatters your face.



Women with oval faces are one of the luckiest, they can look nice with any brow shape but the best fit for them is a soft-angled brow. It best suits the proportion of their face and its arch makes the face look more sophisticated.



To balance the look for women with long faces flat eyebrows is the best match since it tends to reduce the length of the face making it seem rounder.



The goal for women with round faces is to make it look longer. High arch eyebrow shape can create this illusion since its up and down lines would draw the viewer’s attention making it seem longer.



Woman with square face shape has a defined jaw lines making them look strong. To soften the look, a rounded shape or a low soft arch with medium thick brows will help tone down and soften the look.



The heart-shaped face has a pointed chin. So in order to soften that look, go for a round brow shape. A low arch round brow will give a natural looking brow.



A curved eyebrow shape best fits a woman with heart shaped face because its curve will soften the angled face and create an illusion of reducing the widest part of the face temples.


Create your own perfect brows and may the power of #EBKilay be with you always!


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