Precious Mom

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This feature was published in the Philippine Star’s Allure section on May 10, 2015.

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MANILA, Philippines – Mothers have always been the epitome of beauty, grace and pure love. They are God’s precious gifts to mankind. As a woman enters the stage of motherhood, it can’t be denied the transformation and life-changing experience it brings.

Jane Zaleta-Dimaunahan, a former child star now a mother to two beautiful teenagers Christiana and Chanel, echoes this incomparable experience. She draws a lot of inspiration from motherhood.

“Motherhood taught me to look at the bigger picture all the time especially when it comes to decision-making. I learned how to prioritize my children’s needs over my own. I also became optimistic and more prayerful because more than anything else, motherhood is all about lifting up your children every day to the Lord,” she says.

Jane finds it fulfilling and rewarding to see her daughters excel in school. This allows her and her husband, former cager and now Blackwater Elite assistant coach Aris Dimaunahan, to go up on stage with their daughters every year to receive their awards in school.

As a busy working mom, Jane, who works as a patient experience officer at St. Luke’s Global City, has a knack for time management. She ensures her children are well taken care of even if she leaves early for work every day. She also finds time to take care of herself by working out and jogging. Jane makes it a point that her family spends quality time together and does the things they love like watching movies and playing basketball.

Christiana, 14, also proves how the love for sports keeps a strong foundation in her relationship with her mom. “My ultimate bonding with my mom is when we work out together. We do boxing and jogging, and I think it’s the time when we get to show who we really are,” Christiana shares.

When it comes to mother-and-daughter’s beauty routine, they love to keep it simple. Jane always reminds her daughter that “less is best.”

But for a mother who is always on the go like Jane, putting on a little makeup goes a long way. For a flawless look, she starts with Ever Bilena Makeup Cake, which helps hide skin imperfections and evens out skin tone. This makeup cake helps cover blemishes and maintains the face shine-free as it absorbs excess oils.

On days Jane needs to add a hint of color on her cheeks, a few swipes of Ever Bilena Blush Me Blusher does the job best. It comes in a handy packaging with a brush for easy and fast application. Jane usually goes out with a neat set of brows. She ensures they are well shaped by filling in the sparse areas of her brows with Ever Bilena Matic Brow Liner in Earth shade. Its creamy texture and good color guarantees a total brow makeover.

Lastly, she counts on Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick for its long-lasting color on the lips. “I use it especially when I’m working out. It doesn’t easily wear off,” Jane muses.

Besides focusing on the physical aspect, Jane is always keen on displaying self-confidence by always wearing a smile — a beauty secret she also imparts to her daughters.  “I always tell them that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and that they have to be confident,” she says.

Christiana, on the other hand, shares the same thought: “Mom wants us to be confident because you become beautiful when you know how to carry yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself.”

Jane shares one of the life lessons she wants her daughters to live by. “Honesty is important. When caught up in a compromising situation, it’s better to tell the truth than make up stories,” she concludes.

Photography by Rita Abiog • Styling by Nasia Cammayo • Hairstyling and Makeup by Mary Jane Dorotan, Elma Oraye and Claudine Dizor of Ever Bilena 


When career & passion meet

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This feature was published in the Philippine Star’s Allure section on December 14, 2014

MANILA, Philippines – Nowadays, women are not afraid to take on diverse roles and tasks that allow them to explore their capabilities to the fullest. Many of us witnessed how a woman is able to juggle her career, passion and time for charity works. This rings true for someone like Meghan Mebruer from the US who relocated to Asia to hold a corporate job, coach an international school’s basketball team and extend a helping hand to those who are in need of education.

Meghan, 26, works for Omni Marketing Group and at the same time serves as a business development manager for one of its business units, the Demo Power Philippines — an in-store sampling and activation company. Meghan has been in and out of the country for seven and a half years, getting accustomed with the Filipino culture.

“I think the Philippines is one of the easiest places to adjust to compared to other countries just because of the language barrier, which is pretty much non-existent for most part. Also, there’s a lot of American culture here,” she shares.

As she continues to handle the vast responsibility her job entails, Meghan still manages to coach the Junior Varsity Girls’ basketball team of International School Manila — a reflection of how she’s passionate about sports and coaching. Her face gleams at the thought of imparting how she developed her interest for sports.

“It was instilled in me from my family as a young child because even our family events are inclined to sports. I grew up with sports all the time, all around,” she recalls.

When it comes to balancing her career and her basketball coaching, Meghan does it flawlessly. She ensures she delivers what her job demands and finds time in doing the things she love most. Apart from these two priorities, she also found a commitment in enhancing the lives of children through providing equal opportunity for education.

Meghan, who completed her master’s degree in Non-Profit Administration, began to support non-profit organizations in Indonesia focusing on children’s education and welfare. According to her, their group will also start expanding its reach by offering their support to various organizations in the country.

Amid her full-packed schedule, Meghan makes sure her natural skin is taken care of — a beauty routine she swears by. She keeps a consistent cleansing regimen and puts on Vitamin E. When it comes to makeup, she believes it is instrumental in creating an impact to a woman’s confidence. Given this purpose, EB Advance takes its role with its on-trend cosmetics suited for every modern lady like Meghan. EB Advance’s products are enriched with Vitamin E that helps in keeping the skin nourished.

With the roster of Meghan’s activities and welfare causes, it is laudable how she maintains a carefree outlook. Such is an embodiment of a modern woman who is not backing down on various challenges. This is why she puts premium on confidence as the key of becoming uniquely beautiful.

“When someone is confident about who she is as a person, not necessarily about what she is wearing or what she looks like, that’s something that you take notice. Confidence could come in so many different forms that could be unique to each person,” Meghan concludes.

Photography by Mau Aguasin • Styling by Rudolph Leonor • Makeup by Martin Orosa for Ever Bilena • Hairstyling by Emily Viñas for Ever Bilena • Accessories on first and second photos by Tutum Shop

Taking the beauty queen’s path

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This feature was published in the Philippine Star’s Allure section on December 7, 2014


MANILA, Philippines – It takes guts to be a beauty queen.

Ali Forbes, Binibining Pilipinas 2012 first runner-up and the first Miss Grand Philippines title holder, is no longer a stranger to these qualities.

Ali, 22, who first participated in the Miss Makati beauty pageant, admits her initial motivation in joining the pageant was the prize. But her experience in the competition gave her another perspective in life. “A beauty queen can become an inspiration and represent empowered women,” she says.

With this outlook, Ali was able to make it to bigger beauty pageants that opened doors for better opportunities. One of these is hosting a new reality show Pinay Beauty Queen Academy on GMA News TV.

Pinay Beauty Queen Academy aims to train aspiring beauty queens by making them competitive and at the top of their game. Ali’s involvement in the show has allowed her to witness the contestants’ ups and downs, also their struggles. She has also witnessed how the contestants gain knowledge on improving themselves. She has also seen how they are encouraged to be themselves in reaching for their dreams.

For her part, Ali keeps the future beauty queens motivated to reach their goals by sharing her own personal story, skills and beauty secrets.

The beauty secret she cannot dismiss is her loyalty to Ever Bilena products. According to her, the brand is her recommended cosmetic for beauty queen aspirants, most especially to those who are still beginning to explore the industry. Ever Bilena’s affordable line of good quality is what she loves most.

Ali emphasized how makeup does wonders to a woman’s physical appearance and personality. “Makeup boosts our confidence by enhancing our beauty. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful,” she says.

With Ali’s track record, she remains at the core of improving herself to be able to achieve her goals. In Pinay Beauty Queen Academy, she advises the aspirants to consistently train on important skills for pageants such as catwalk and oral communication. More importantly, she tells them to radiate their inner beauty. “Believe in yourself. Be thankful to those people who (support) you all the way (such as) your family and friends,” she adds.

As Ali continues her journey in the world of beauty pageantry, she plans to establish her own school that will help train and guide aspiring beauty queens for the journey of their own.

Ali’s perseverance and commitment to reach her goals are traits of an empowered woman of beauty. She took a step further to overcome the obstacles along her way and later turned her dreams into reality.

Photography by Mau Aguasin • Styling by Rudolph Leonor • Hairstyling by Emily Viñas for Ever Bilena • Necklace by Tutu Shop