The Perfect Pick

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The blemish balm cream, or simply the BB cream, is a popular beauty trend which started inKorea. Incidentally, Ever Bilena’s newest offering, the EB Advance BB Cream, is endorsed by none other than the Korean-born-but-Pinoy-at-heart Grace Lee.

Just recently, Grace finished a TVC shoot where she revealed that she actually has no secrets as far as her flawless skin is concerned. During the shoot, she proved to be the best pick to endorse the BB cream. Aside from having radiant skin that is to die for, she is also intelligent and witty—an interesting woman, indeed.

Grace was enthusiastic to act out the spiels. With her confidence and professionalism, she was able to effortlessly execute what was asked of her. Alongside our Korean sweetheart, Ever Bilena’s beauty spokesperson Khristine Gabrielle also showcased her talents in acting as she took part in the commercial shoot. With their friendship and the genuine rapport between them, it was no wonder the mood during the shoot was bubbly and light. The Ever Bilena crew wrapped up early as Grace perfectly executed her job.

In between takes, Grace gave way for an interview with the press to clarify the real score regarding her love life. Needless to say, Grace is happy where she is right now. She’s blooming even better in her career and she’s becoming even more beautiful as days pass.

Ever Bilena’s newest product, the EB Advance BB Cream will be available in the market soon, so watch out for it!

The Photogenic Makeup

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The country’s leading makeup company, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc., recently launched its newest line of cosmetics, the EB Advance HD Makeup Line, which promises full, high-definition coverage, especially made for that perfect camera-ready complexion.

Ever Bilena beams with pride as this specially formulated makeup line is the first high definition makeup in the local market. It contains light-scattering ingredients, such as mica, silicon, quartz, and crystal, which facilitate light diffusion, causing the skin to radiate an even and matte finish, on and off cam.

High definition makeup are especially made to create the picture-perfect look. Ever Bilena made sure to achieve this while ensuring the makeup’s long lasting effect—a feat most apparent in the EB Advance HD Waterproof Mascara, the EB Advance HD Colorless Mascara, the EB Advance HD Eye Pencil, and the EB Advance HD Liquid Eyeliner. These eye makeup are easy to apply and effectively defines and contours the eyes.

Both the EB Advance HD Make-up Cake and the EB Advance HD Compact Powder have vitamin E and mineral oils which keeps the skin moisturized even long exposure to light. They are an essential pair to achieving that fresh, unblemished look. Use the EB Advance HD Concealer Pencil to hide unwanted blemishes and you’re sure to have flawless skin, free of imperfections.

Prominent personalities from various fields in the business industry tried out Ever Bilena’s newest offering and gave their note-worthy feedbacks and commendations on the vitamin E enriched EB Advance HD Makeup Line.True to its commitment to bring world class products at affordable rates to the Filipinos, Ever Bilena continues to innovate their products to suit the demanding needs of beautiful career women.