Ever Bilena shines in Sunstar Mall

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Beauty, talent and wit when combined form an amazing image of a woman. Perfect in the eyes of almost everybody but what is more astonishing is the fact that these women are incredibly beautiful inside and out.

Some would definitely look really beautiful on the outside but does their heart beat good deeds and love? A true Ever Bilena woman surely knows how to be beautiful inside and out.

Ever Bilena never stopped to honor true beauty and in Sunstar Mall in the province of Laguna, Ever Bilena searched for the woman who exhibits the spirit of a true beautiful woman.

With their beauty, talent and their wit, each contestant for Ms. Sunstar Mall vie for the title. They memerized the crowd with their sexy body, admirable beauty, superb talent and their intelligence but in the end, only one woman will shine among the rest.

Check out these photos and see for yourself how a true Ever Bilena woman amazes the crowd.