Perfect Scents in Robinsons Place Manila

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The second mall tour of Karylle happens to be in Manila. Robinsons and Ever Bilena partnered again in bringing Karylle closer to her fans.

While waiting for Karylle, fun games were played and Pink Water Body Spray was given to winners. Fans of Karylle enjoyed the game, few more minutes; Karylle came and wowed the audience. Looking beautiful, feels good and smells good, Karylle gave her fans a song number.

After the short program, those who avail Pink Water were able to get a free poster and meet Karylle in person.

A true tiring day but Karylle looks so beautiful and still confident that she smells good, perfect example of a modern woman.

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Pink Water and Karylle Visits Robinsons Galleria!

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Not like any other Sunday, July 18 was full of fun and giggles. Robinsons worked with Ever Bilena and Pink Water to bring Karylle closer to her fans.

Karylle’s first stop was in the Department Store of Robinsons Galleria, a table in the perfumery section was placed for Karylle to sign posters to those who bought any of the four scents of Pink Water Body Spray.

While Karylle was still in the perfumery section, the crowd in the activity area of Robinsons Galleria was already waiting for her. There were some games and giftpacks were distributed to those who won the game.

After the short program, Karylle gave a song number and soon, autograph signing proceeded.

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Karylle on Tour!

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Pink Water goes on tour with Karylle!

On Sunday, July 18, lend your ears to Karylle and feel good with her songs. Robinsons and Ever Bilena arranged a mall tour for Karylle to meet and greet her fans. Bringing her closely to the people who idolizes her and at the same time, promoting her own album and Pink Water.

Check out the following dates and see Karylle in person!

July 18 – Robinsons Galleria, 5pm to 8pm

July 23 – Robinsons Place Manila, 5pm to 8pm

August 14 – Robinsons Metro East Mall

Beauty meets the BEE!

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Oh yes, beauty doesn’t only come in fashion show and beauty pageant! It also comes to the fastest growing and renowned quick service restaurant, Jollibee! And Ever Bilena supports Jollibee’s endeavor of adding more quality to customer service by professionalizing its managers through a series of Personality Development training through Karen Agustin, a former beauty queen turned image consultant.

The training includes topics on basic grooming, power dressing, communication and of course, MAKE UP! And who else holds the authority in make up? Of course, none other than Ever Bilena! Ever Bilena provides the make up items used during the demonstration and participants’ simulation as well.

The training program will run until December of this year. And for sure, Ever Bilena will be there to support the busiest BEEs to deliver the yummiest and tastiest foods by the ever beautiful frontliners and managers of Jollibee.

Karen Agustin during the Personality Development Talk

Make-up Training

Employees of Jollibee trying to put on make-up based on the guidelines and step by step process taught by Karen.