Beauties of the Earth

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Miss Earth Press Conference

Ever Bilena Cosmetics supports the unprecedented search for a worthy woman who cares for and helps in the conservation of the environment. A woman should not only look beautiful, they should also have good values, love and care for the nation and its natural resources. As Ever Bilena believes in beauty inside and out, the company helps Miss Earth 2009 to search for the queen who is worthy of the crown.

The company has been sponsoring the pageant for the last three years, believing in their admirable advocacy in painting the world clean and green– during their pre-pageant activities such as Press Conference, Swimsuit Competition, Long gown competition, Mall Tours and Corporate Visit, Ever Bilena was there to show full support and encouragement to all 80 lovely delegates representing their respective cultures and countries across the seven continents of the world.

Recognize as Ms. Ever Bilena, Tereza Budkova (Miss Czech Republic) received 20,000 pesos cash plus 15,000 pesos worth of Ever Bilena items during the Long gown competition at Pagcor Philippines.

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Mr. Onin Mas with Miss Ever Bilena IMG_6513

Ms. Ever Bilena, Tereza Budkova

The grand coronation night held last November 22, 2009 at Boracay Convention Center, Puka Beach, Aklan announced three lovely women who emerge as runner-ups, namely: Miss Earth- Fire, Alejandra Echevarria Pedrajas (Ms. Spain), Miss Earth- Water, Jessica Barboza (Ms. Venezuela), Miss Earth- Air, Sandra Seifert (Ms. Philippines).

Miss Earth winners

Miss Earth 2009 winner, Larissa R. Ramos (Ms. Brazil) has beauty and brains who was worthy and deserving for the crown. As a biology student, Larissa shows her advocacy through showing concern in a clean and green environment. Her admirable advocacy for the preservation of the environment fits her personality and concern.

The four lovely candidates acknowledge the support given by Ever Bilena as they thank Mr. Dioceldo Sy, CEO and President for all the support given to the pageant for a cause. Truly, Ever Bilena and Miss Earth 2009 believe that a woman must be genuine and beautiful inside and out.

with Mr. Dioceldo Sy

Miss Earth styling and accesories by Arielle Agasang

Same Job, Different Look

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Are you one of those people who are bored of their old routine? – do the same job, sit at the same office table, same hairstyle, same make up everyday. If so, then you work without passion. And without passion, going to work everyday can mean torture to you. So, how can you change this?

First of all, work should be something you love. If not, then bring yourself to love your work. From there, you’ll enjoy your everyday routine and in no time will wake up to another exciting work day every morning.

Secondly, in doing well in every endeavor means exerting some effort so one must find ways to improve oneself.  It is wise to make yourself look presentable not just for your boss and clients, but for yourself. Yes, good grooming is a must! It makes you feel refreshed, beautiful and most importantly confident about yourself.

Here are some make up tips to keep your office look fresh and exciting:

It all starts from the basics—know your skin tone to help you conceal flaws and choose your makeup colors like a pro. It’s not always about vibrant lips and an eye drama but you must put balance in achieving simplicity and elegance by having silky-smooth skin.

There are times when you feel that you have done your best at work but it seems never enough for your boss. There will be a lot of problems you may encounter with the business but I am quite sure that your boss understands where it is coming from. Whatever he may say about you is not personal at all. It’s all about work. So, no need to have a fierce eye make up that leaves bad impression instead make your eyes look soft and endearing.

For a sophisticated yet natural look get a moisturizing lip plumper. It glides on easily with its cool and refreshing taste that preserves the suppleness of your lips. Using a lip brush, apply Ever Bilena Jolie Lip Plumper starting on the middle of your lips then lightly pat on the center to create a sexy pout effect. Talk with grace and confidence as you bring out your knowledge and expertise. Prove to them that your worthy of the work by improving yourself.

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