This Makeup Routine is Great For Girls With Oily Skin

Look good while keeping shine at bay.

Smudging, fading, and looking shiny—these are just some of the things oily-skinned girls know all too well, especially when it comes to their makeup. As you search for the perfect skincare routine to balance out your sebum production, why not try a makeup routine that’ll help you look less greasy throughout the day? Check out this tutorial below.

The key to makeup for oily skin is to lay down a base that’ll keep your face oil-free and moisturized at the same time. For this, try a versatile powder foundation like the EB Advance Two Way Cake. It can be used wet or dry depending on the kind of coverage you want, and it conceals blemishes and keeps oils at bay while keeping the skin moisturized for a radiant finish.

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