How Much Skincare Products You Should Really Use At A Time

Make sure you don’t go overboard.



It’s easy to go all-out while applying our skincare products, especially when there’s enough product to last you for months before having to buy a new one. We’re also guilty of thinking that putting more of a product makes it work faster, and in turn, more effective.

Sorry ladies, but that’s all a myth!

To avoid wasting your products, it’s important to use just the right amount so as not to saturate the skin with active ingredients. Believe us when we say that going overboard with products could potentially irritate your skin.

To serve as a quick guide, we found LA-based, self-confessed makeup junkie Dana Waldie‘s Instagram post that explains it in a nutshell:



Dana also explains that if you’re using high-quality products, a little definitely goes a long way. To incorporate this further into your routine, master how to identify a pea-sized amount, especially for your serums and eye cream. You can actually also use a one peso coin as reference for your masks, face creams and moisturizers.

We hope this tip will save you money and make your skin healthier!


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