Here’s A Makeup Trick To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Hello, bright eyes!



There are various ways to line your eyes: You can softly smudge pencil eyeliner on the upper lids for subtle definition, or you can tightline, wherein you draw closely on the roots of the lashes, for a more natural look.


Another way (and the probably the most challenging of all) is the cat-eye. It requires a steady hand and lots and lots of practice. Drawing a wing that’s too thick makes the eyes look droopy, while a super long flick just really looks awkward. To help you master the flick, we found an easy-to-follow tutorial on YouTube, courtesy of Aly Art.


Here, she shows how slightly lifting line starting in the middle of the lid—just above the iris—makes a huge difference. The result? The eyes appear to be brighter, younger, and bigger.


Watch the whole video below:



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