Concealer Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of

Are you using this kikay kit staple the right way?


Concealer is one of the products we cannot live without. Just a few dots of it on our problem areas and we can instantly look (and in turn, feel) better. However, as amazing as this beauty product is, it’s also one that we can easily mess up. Here, four bad concealer habits you’re probably doing:

1. Your concealer is too light.
We’ve been told all these years that we should use a concealer that’s a shade lighter than our skin tone to banish dark circles and red spots. However, you have to stop doing it because it’s making the areas you want to cover more obvious. If you truly want to make them disappear, use color-correcting concealers to counteract unwanted tones on the face.

2. You put it on before foundation.
You’ll be wasting time blending your concealer to perfection if you’re just going to smooth on your foundation on top of it. Your foundation’s job is to cover and correct as much of your skin as possible. Your concealer, on the other hand, only acts as a reinforcement if your problem areas need more help with coverage.

3. You put too much product.

You probably think that by piling on thick layers of concealer, you can hide your blemishes better. Wrong! Thick layers will just cake and flake before you even head out the door. Practice dabbing on thin layers, and slowly building it up until your problem areas are properly disguised. To prevent creasing, prep the under-eye area with some eye cream to keep it hydrated and plump before concealer application.

4. You don’t set it.
Like other liquid and cream-based makeup, your concealer needs a layer of translucent powder to set it. Otherwise, it would just slide off by midday. Make sure your setting powder is finely milled to avoid caking.


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