7 Steps To Make Your Foundation Look Like Second Skin

 Literally your skin but better!



Foundation can either make or break your look. Here, seven easy tricks that will leave your foundation looking flawless:


1. Get the right shade.

This is the cardinal rule of great-looking foundation. Before you splurge on foundation, make sure to test it out. Take two or three shades that you think will match your skin and swatch it on your jawline. After about half an hour, check and see which one melts into your skin the best—that’s the perfect shade.


2. Always start with moisturizer.

Skincare always comes first! Apply a lightweight moisturizer on your face and let it sit for a few minutes before makeup application. Moisturizer will make your foundation go on smoother, as it will take care of the dry patches on your skin. Primers are optional—use them if you really need your makeup to stay on for hours.


3. Don’t use full-coverage foundation unless you need to.

Save the thick full-coverage foundations for special occasions! For every day, stick to bases that offer light to medium coverage. BB or CC creams are also great alternatives—they work for almost every skin type.


4. Use the right tools for application.

Turning to the right tools can really improve your foundation application. For a flawless, airbrush finish, use a paddle brush to buff and blend out your base. You can also use this brush to dust on your powder afterwards.


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5. Dust—don’t pack on—your powder to seal in your liquid or cream foundation

Using a fluffy brush, lightly pat loose powder on the areas that tend to get oily, like your T-zone and under eye area. For the rest of the face, lightly dust your powder to keep the foundation from caking.


6. Blend your foundation from your ears and down to your neck

Don’t want to look like an espasol or a floating head? Do this.


7. Finish with bronzer and blush

Using a medium-sized brush, apply bronzer to warm up your skin tone and make your foundation look natural. Then, take a peachy pink blush to add a pretty flush to your cheeks to tie your look together.

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This article originally appeared on Cosmo.ph. Minor edits have been made by the editors.