5 Beauty Products That Will Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

You will never be late for school or work again!



In a perfect world, we’d always wake up early enough to do our entire beauty routine and still have time to eat breakfast and get to school or work in time. We’d never have to sit in horrible traffic or endure long lines just to ride the train or bus. Unfortunately, this isn’t our reality.


After spending long hours of working and studying, we’ll do almost everything to sneak in a few more minutes of beauty sleep—never mind if we show up to work or school without a pinch of makeup. However, we’re here to tell you that with the right products and shortcuts, you can look put-together easily.


Here, five fab finds that will speed up your beauty routine:


1. BB or CC Cream

Instead of spending time buffing and blending out foundation in the morning—and risk looking like an espasol—opt for a lightweight BB or CC cream as your daily base. These beauty miracles offer skin amazing skin benefits while giving ample coverage and glow to the skin.


2. Brow Kit

Switch to using a mini brow palette that contains powders and wax to fill in and tame your arches. You can also use the brow powders as eyeshadow for when you want to define your eyes a bit. The compact size of the palette also makes it great for travelling or commuting, since it won’t take up much space.


3. Blush and bronzer palette

Define your features and make your cheeks pop by sweeping on blush and bronzer. Instead of lugging around two products, just pick a blush palette that has been expertly matched to flatter your skin tone, just like the Ever Bilena Advance Blush Duo. Blend the blush color on the apples of your cheeks, then use the darker shade on the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and temples.


Try: Ever Bilena Advance Blush Duo in Fig and Golden Goddess, P225 each


4. Hydrating lip tint

When you don’t have time to make sure your lipstick is applied with precision, opt for a glossy tint instead. The Ever Bilena Advance Bitten Lips tint is perfect for girls on-the-go. It goes on clear but eventually adapts to your natural lip color and turns into the prettiest shade of pink, making you look super fresh. Tip: You can apply this on your way to work or school to prep your lips, because it moisturizes your puckers. Once you get to your destination, your lips are ready for lipstick!

Try: Ever Bilena Advance Bitten Lips, P95


5. Multi-tasking brush

Who says you need a ton of different brushes to complete do a full face of makeup every day? Look for a medium-sized brush that you can use for powder, blush, and bronzer.

Try: Ever Bilena Advance Multi-Task Paddle Brush, P275