10 Other Ways to Use Your Makeup

You can use your lipstick for everything, really.



If you think about it, all makeup products can be used in ways other than what they’re prescribed to do: Lipstick as blush, brow powder as eyeshadow, and the list goes on. This is great news for us because we don’t always have our whole makeup kits with us! Here are other ways you can use your favorite makeup products:

1. Brow powder as eyeshadow or contour

Brow powders are great substitutes for eyeshadow and contour. These may not be as blendable (since they’re made to last for hours), so you might have to blend a lot more than you’re used to.

2. Orange cream eyeshadow or lipstick as an undereye color corrector

In the color wheel, orange is the opposite of blue, which is the undertone of dark undereye circles. Cancel the blue tone out with orange cream eyeshadow or lipstick before you apply concealer.

3. Translucent powder to freshen up your locks

Out of dry shampoo? You can brush some translucent powder on your roots! Just make sure to brush the particles off once you think the oil has been absorbed; you might end up looking like you have dandruff if you don’t.

4. MLBB lipstick as eyeshadow and blush

This is great for achieving the monochromatic makeup look! Reach for a creamy, long-lasting MLBB lipstick and apply to your eyelids and cheeks.

5. Concealer as eyeshadow primer

This will serve as a clean base for your eyeshadow and keep it in place.

6. Brow pencil as eyeliner

If you want to subtly define your eyes, use your brow pencil as an eyeliner.

7. Green cream eyeshadow to neutralize red tones

Girls with sensitive or acne-prone skin know the struggle! You can use green cream eyeshadow on your red areas and pimples to cancel out the redness, making your concealer look more seamless.

8. Tinted brow gel to cover up gray hair or your roots

Are your roots already showing, but you don’t have time to go for a retouch? You can use tinted brow gel to cover them up in the meantime!

9. Light and/or shimmery eyeshadow as highlighter

This will work whatever formula your eyeshadow comes in!

10. Translucent powder as eyelash enhancer

You can use translucent to build up the length and volume of your lashes without applying multiple coats of mascara. All you have to do is swipe on one coat of mascara, use a clean eyeshadow brush to dab on translucent powder, and then finish off with another coat of mascara.